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CGS was involved with Child Support Enforcement systems implementation and maintenance for several years in the Territory of Guam. The initial project involved porting the Texas Child Support Enforcement System (TXCSES) to Guam (APASI). This effort involved requirements analysis, designing and developing specific system architectures, and developing conversion procedures specific to Guam's needs. Subsequent efforts led to the creation and implementation of operating procedures, software modifications, facility organization and security for the State Disbursement Unit (SDU), which were fully certified by . Federal Administration for Children and Families Office of Child Support Enforcement Region IX certification review team. The new organization for the SDU was supported by a customer call center for launched by CGS, which reduced the number of customer calls by 80% within the first year, and nearly eliminated customer complaints in the first quarter. CGS then worked with Guam to upgrade the APASI system to meet all federal guidelines required under FSA 88 and PRWORA requirements. Guam was awarded full FSA 88 and PRWORA Certifications in April 2004.