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State of Wyoming

CGS is building a secure self-service portal (SSP) for the State of Wyoming that is designed to significantly decrease in the number of calls to the Wyoming Child Support Enforcement Call Center, increase in worker productivity, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

The self-service portal clearly communicates child support case and financial information that consumers currently use the call center to obtain. Its design is a user friendly, intuitive interface that allows these consumers to access information they require, when they want it, without assistance of the customer call center.

A data warehouse provides data to the self-service portal, preventing any negative impact on the performance of the internal system production environment, housing the data elements necessary to provide the Wyoming consumers with the case and financial information required to support the SSP.

An ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) process is in place to move the data from production to a data warehouse, separating the data supporting the SSP and adding another layer of security, helping to ensure that personal identifying information is not accessible.

We are relying on our experience as systems integrators and leveraged our institutional knowledge of child support enforcement to accelerate project activities and stay within budgetary constraints. We are working in partnership with Wyoming, to design, develop, test, and deliver a robust portal, data warehouse and ETL process that exceeds the project goals and objectives set forth by Wyoming.